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  • Türk Alfabesi (Turkish Alphabet)

    15 Aralık 2010
    The Turkish alphabet contains 29 letters, 8 of which are vowels and 21 of which are consonants.
    Here is the alphabet, with the vowels in red and the consonants in white;

    b c ç d e f g g h i i j k l m n o ö p r s s t u ü v y z

    Turkish is generally quite easy to pronounce, mainly because unlike English, words are said just as they are written and every letter (with the exception of - 'Ğ') are pronounced. The unfamiliar letters are pronounced as follows:
    ç - 'ch' (as in 'church')

    c - 'j' (as in jealous)

    g - silent but lengthens the vowel before

    ı - 'uh' (as in but)

    ö - 'er' (as in burn)

    ş - 'sh' (as it shut)

    ü - 'ooh' (as in few)Examples

    şeker (sugar) is pronounced 'she-ker'

    göz (eye) is pronounced 'gurz'

    çalmak (to work) is pronounced 'cha-lush-mak'

    kadın (woman) is pronounced 'ka-duhn'

    utangaç (shy) is pronounced 'utan-gach'

    cuma (friday) is pronounced 'juma'

    soğuk (cold) is pronounced 'so-ook'

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    1. Intuitive dedi ki...:

      http://turkce-turkish.blogspot.com/ sitesinde de bazi kaynaklar var.
      http://turkce-turkish.blogspot.com/ is also a good resource blog although in its infancy.

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